UFC’s weigh-in Saturday quickly went from a faceoff to a danceoff, with Paige VanZant up against Michelle Waterson ahead of their match.

Although Waterson seemed a little hesitant at first, she quickly warmed up and showcased her moves, including the fan-favorite “The Sprinkler.” Can the weigh-in dance-off officially become a UFC tradition?

Why have a stare-down when you can have a dance off?

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VanZant had some prior experience coming into the dance battle, as she was a runner up on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars back in May, although that didn’t help much in her loss against Waterson in the FOX 22 fight Saturday night.

The lighthearted dance-off was cut short when the opponents had to pose for their pre-fight photos, quickly wiping their smiles off and putting their hardcore game faces on.

posted on 12/22/2016 by kunstar
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