Conor McGregor’s August 26th opponent, Floyd Mayweather is famous for staying in fight shape 24/7, 365. The same hasn’t always been the same for the Irish MMA fighter.


As McGregor has been improving in performance and increasing in notariety, he has been exploring nutrition to find a diet that maintains his championship-caliber level of competition. In an article for the UK’s, McGregor shares some of his strategies for staying in shape, as well as his nutrition weakness.


Start the day hydrated

With all of the training that McGregor does, it is important that he stays hydrated. The fighter explained that one of the first things he does when he wakes up is stretches and drinks water, sometimes even coconut water, to prepare him for the day.



High protein, low carb diet

McGregor focuses on fueling up with protein while cutting carbs and fat out of his diet.  He eats chicken, salmon, steak and eggs for protein.  In an attempt to avoid carbs, the fighter opts for a sweet potato instead of other, heavier foods, and tries to replace fatty sides with green vegetables and fruit.



Stay away from sweets

The fighter shared that he has a ‘raging sweet tooth,’ and predicts that he may put on weight after his fighting career because of sugary snacks.  To contol his appetite for sweets, McGregor eats protein shakes that not only stand in for sugar-like treats, but also help build muscle and aidd recovery.


Crow was never mentioned in the UFC superstar’s diet plan, but many predict that will be his next post-fight meal. We shall see.

posted on 08/15/2017 by Alyssa Haduck
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