Email Marketing Ideas to Create Engaging Campaigns

Picture of email being sent on laptop

According to a blog post from Campaign Monitor, there were around 279 billion emails sent each day.  That figure continues to grow and is expected to reach nearly 320 billion emails sent and received by 2021.

With so much competition, restrictive spam filters, and a whole lot of clutter, how do you get your emails to stand out?

Step 1. Subject line

It doesn’t matter how amazing your email is if it never gets opened. A direct and descriptive subject line can be the difference between an opened email and a sad rejection.

Start the story.

Your email is a story. That makes the subject line of your email the title of your story. Make sure it relates to the body of text within your email.

Keep it real.

Despite what some people may think, subject lines with exclamation marks, emojis, and all caps are rarely opened. It looks like spam.

Short, Sweet, and Seductive.

  • Use 40 characters or less.
  • Make it ____ and directed towards the recipient e.g. “Invitation to join the experts”.
  • Include preheader text that teases e.g. “What will you learn”.

Step 2.Personalization

People love to hear their own name! By including a personalized email that speaks to the reader, strokes their ego, and gives relevant information your email will be sure to draw them in.

Step 3. Time Optimization

Try to stay away from advice that tells you the best time to send emails. The truth is the best time to email your customer is specific to that campaign. Use A/B split testing to discover the best times to reach out. If they are too busy to read your email the chance for engagement is nil.

Step 4. Mobile Optimization

In 2013 mobile beat out desktop for the majority of emails opens. Despite this, many email marketers have not optimized their emails for mobile.

Here is why you should:

  • Mobile friendly emails lead to more mobile purchases.
  • If your email isn’t optimized, mobile audiences will give up.
  • A bad mobile experience can damage a company’s reputation

Step 5. Interactive Content

So we’ve covered the basics and now it’s time to get fancy and make your email WOW your audiences.

Interactive content is one of the easiest and most effective ways to increase your audience’s engagement and your ROI.


By using interactive content you shift your email away from a one sided shouting match aimed at selling a product to giving your audience an experience.

Customers love this.

Interactive tools like Scratch-It can take your “regular” email messages and transform them into a captivating experience. This is a surefire way to engage your readers.

Take away:

  • Use a direct and descriptive subject line
  • Charm with personalization
  • Optimize what time you send through testing.
  • Embrace mobile. Mobile opens now exceed desktop
  • Interact to excite, communicate, and convert