Burton’s reputation in the winter sports category is long established and pretty much above reproach. The Vermont-based company makes some of the best gear you can find and for those who pursue snow outdoor activities consider them a trusted brand.

In fact, Burton  is so highly regarded that they’ve been chosen again to be the official makers of the United States Snowboard Team’s uniforms. The entire line was unveiled at a recent press event and as per the usual, Burton didn’t disappoint. We’re less than 100 days until the events begin in PyeongChang, South Korea and fans of the upcoming games can expect brands to release all kinds of cool products over the next several weeks.

This is Burton’s fourth time outfitting the U.S. team and each time they bring something cool and innovative to the table. This go-round they’ve mastered the aesthetics in a way that somehow feels forward-thinking and traditional at the same time. Taking inspiration from the 1960’s American space program, the gear has a sense of wonderment to it. It’s imaginative and bold and highly impressive. The uniform fabric is coated in a high-grade aluminum finish and the uniforms are complimented with hand-drawn USA patches in old-school fonts. It all makes for a striking look and will draw eyes as the athletes go for medals in the slope style, half pipe and big air competitions.

The gear includes jackets, pants, gloves, hats and everything else you would associate with cold weather protective clothing. All breathable and lightweight, it’s designed for the fast turns and high-wind impact moves that snowboarders must maneuver through in order to succeed.

Unlike other apparel brands that try and dabble in all categories, Burton is right at home designing products for these conditions. This is their sweet spot and the thoughtfulness and execution they bring shows in both the look of the gear and in the level of professional specifications in the products.

If you can’t wait for Burton to release the Team USA Burton gear and you need a quality down winter piece right away, give this down jacket by Patagonia a try.


posted on 11/03/2017 by Khalid Salaam
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