While the NFL is well into its summer offseason, some players have chosen to use their free days to continue training for the fall. From running drills to lifting weights, New York Giants wide receiver Brandon Marshall seems to never take a day off. The player hosts and participates in regular offseason workouts with FitSpeed, a fitness organization that he founded in 2013.

More than physically, however, Marshall exercises mentally. Diagnosed with borderline personality disorder in 2011, Marshall is now an advocate for mental health. Among his many Instagram posts of training and physical fitness, he shares “Monday Mornings with Marshall,” a short video series that address the mental factors of success, both in the gym and in life. Our top three favorite features are failure, faith, and sacrifice.


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Marshall has found that social media has facilitated a culture that masks imperfections, but that these obstacles are inevitable in life.

“Along the journey, along the path, sometimes you’re going to be hit with things, he explained.

“It’s not always going to be sweet, it’s not always going to be easy.

When faced with adversity, the athlete advises taking a step back, resetting the mind, and finishing the day strong.”

Monday Morning Marshall: Unlock Your Potential.. . Facing Failure

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Marshall explains that faith and doubt cannot coexist. Because faith is the presence of hope and doubt is the absence of hope, it is impossible for the two to occupy the same space. No matter your focus in life, Marshall urges you to follow it with unwavering faith.



Marshall has learned from experience that the reward is greater than the sacrifice. In the pursuit of his NFL dreams, the player missed many family functions and important events. With the platform he now has, though, he acknowledges that the good work that he’s doing is worth having missed a few family gatherings.

He leaves followers with one question: “Are you willing to sacrifice?”

An advocate for overall wellbeing, Marshall has shared his journey with hopes to help others with theirs. In addition to his growing physical fitness business, Marshall also oversees work on Project 375, an organization that seeks to end the stigma around mental health. Follow the role model on Instagram for mental motivation on Monday, and for training inspiration for the rest of the week!

posted on 07/11/2017 by Alyssa Haduck
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