How to Run an Effective Customer Service Department

We’re sure you’ve heard over and over how important customer service is. But just how important is it really? Well, according to the following stats, it’s quite important: 47% of consumers
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Employee trying to get work done while caring for child

How to Be Successful While Working From Home

Telecommuters are all too familiar with comments from critics saying, “I could never work from home. I’d never get anything done.” It is hard to get work done if you’re not used
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Picture of email being sent on laptop

Email Marketing Ideas to Create Engaging Campaigns

According to a blog post from Campaign Monitor, there were around 279 billion emails sent each day.  That figure continues to grow and is expected to reach nearly 320 billion
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How to Form Good Habits

Fostering Team Habits: 3 Scientific Tips For Managers

Most of what your team is doing is by habit, and a good portion of it is almost completely unintentional. Research shows us that about 40% of what we do is by
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Newly hired employee with team

Hiring the Right Employee Requires Finding “x”

For talented candidates, there’s always a better job out there. While paying above-market salaries and providing great employee benefits can help you compete with other job offers, monetary compensation alone
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15 A/B Testing Tools for Mobile Apps

Successful mobile app makers learn what works. And one way they learn is by repeatedly testing and optimizing. No matter if you have a live app or you’re about to launch,
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