Russell Westbrook is putting his friendship with James Harden on hold for the NBA playoffs.

The Oklahoma City point guard and the Houston Rockets shooting guard have a long history, according to ESPN. The two were teammates when Harden played for the Thunder when he was first drafted into the league, but their story starts even earlier. They grew up playing at the same Boys and Girls Club in Los Angeles, California.

Regardless of their past, Westbrook put aside their childhood memories going into the first game of the Western Conference playoffs Sunday night, where the two faced off. Who took Harden’s place in Westbrook’s heart? Spalding.

“When I get on the floor I got one friend and thats the basketball,” Westbrook told the reporter. “I been like that since I was a little kid. My dad taught me that when I was younger. Once you get on the floor you got one friend, and your friend is Spalding. At the time maybe it was Wilson or some other sh—, the rock. Whatever the ball is, that’s who my friend is.”

Sorry Harden.

Here are some basketballs we think Westbrook could be friends with this play off season:

He can reminisce about the good ol’ college days, with this UCLA ball inspired by his alma mater.

Screenshot 2017-04-16 23.13.58

Westbrook would obviously have fun spending time with one of his current teammates.

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 10.07.36 PM








He can have some chats with this basketball signed by the legend Magic Johnson, and get the keys to success. 

Screenshot 2017-04-16 23.13.00









If Westbrook, AKA the #fashionking on IG, rolled up to the post game interview with this python basketball, he would leave all the reporters speechless.

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 10.07.28 PM

posted on 04/17/2017 by Jenna Milliner-Waddell
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