This week, the Ballers crew is back as they sort through some unresolved business. Spencer has been considering fatherhood this season, and at this point, his new girl, Chloe, seems like the perfect option. However, once Chloe pressures Spencer into determining whether he suddenly wants a child or whether he really wants a family, Spence falls silent.

Meanwhile, Charles has gotten his way with the Dolphins’ front office and brings back Larry Csonka to help coach the team back to it’s winning ways. However, at Csonka’s introductory press conference, Charles finds out Mr. Siefert has been let go and the owners have no plans to promote Charles.  Even though Charles got his way with the new coach, he realizes by the end of the episode that there is a significant price to pay for getting what you want.

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Ricky is getting ready to sign his new contract with the Patriots, but his impending fatherhood, recent diagnosis of bipolar disorder, and concussion recovery have him contemplating his career from a different angle. Ricky finally fesses up to his concussion before signing his deal with the Pats, but the deal is pulled off the table once Ricky gives the news.

Back in Oakland, the Raiders’ owners drop a bomb on Spencer when they tell him that there is a competing to sponsor the team’s move to Vegas. The owners challenge Spencer to come up with a better proposal in order to convince them to partner with him. However, Wayne Hastings pulls his support from Spencer, Joe, and ASM’s deal in favor of the competing offer.

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This episode dives into some of the deeper business issues that the NFL faces each season. And the details aren’t always pretty. A front office change-up, though most likely necessary, is going to be messy. At the end of the day, good people, such as Mr. Siefert, end up out of work, and others in the front office wonder if it might be time to move on as well. Additionally, the growing research on concussions amongst players forces teams to decide whether the risk of signing a player like Ricky is worth it, especially when the deal will only last two seasons.

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And finally, moving a team is exciting for one city. However, it represents a huge loss for the fan base of the former city, as is shown in this episode in Oakland. The MVP of the episode is Spencer’s driver in Oakland, a local guy named Melvin. He brings Spencer and Joe to the neighborhood soul food joint and explains what the Raiders’ move would mean for the people and businesses in the city. As Spencer contemplates beginning his own family, Melvin helps him understand a broader definition of family – the kind that forms around the same traditions and interests within a community. Melvin pushes Spencer to set aside his business mindset and focus on something bigger than the success of his deals.

In addition to family, the theme of a questionable future also comes up throughout the episode. For Charles, the uncertainty of a changing front office puts him back at square one, and he finds himself, once again, unemployed. Similarly, Ricky follows his gut and reveals his concussion to the Patriots, but the Patriots’ response leaves him wondering if this concussion will mark the end of his career. And finally, when Wayne Hastings pulls out of ASM’s proposal for the Vegas move, Spencer and Joe are left questioning whether they will still have jobs once this deal is complete.

Heading into next week’s season finale, everyone’s future is hanging in the balance. Has Charles made the right decision by stepping down from the assistant GM position? Will Ricky get the chance to play in the NFL again? Will Spencer and Joe be able to save the Vegas deal in time? Tune in next week to wrap up Ballers Season 3!

posted on 09/19/2017 by Fallon Oeser
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