The most powerful people in sports are often individuals that the general public has never heard of. Men and women whose faces are anonymous are responsible for many of the teams and players that fans root for night in and night out. Although he grew up playing basketball, Jahi Rawlings was drawn more to the people behind the scenes than he was with the players on the court. After balling out in college and having stints in the D-League and overseas, Jah put up the sneakers and stepped into the business world.

A few years ago, Jah combined his experience as a player and an executive to create the Atlanta Entertainment Basketball League (AEBL). In just six years, the AEBL has become a staple in summer league play, attracting top NBA, college and prep ballers. This week on the Proday Show we sat down with Rawlings to discuss his rich history as well as a few hot sports topics. Listen below and be sure to subscribe, rate and review!


posted on 01/09/2018 by branden peters
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