Not to be out done in the competitive advanced cushioning tech wars, Under Armour officially introduced their latest step forward at a NYC product launch recently.

The tech is called HOVR and it’s a cushioning foam hitting the market on February 1st. Available in two similar but distinct enough silhouettes, the HOVR Phantom and HOVR SONIC are sneakers designed with responsiveness in mind.


The shoes are designed to compliment running, returning energy into the foot while providing a soft and absorbent cushion. Aesthetically both styles represent a departure from the safety of most runners, which aren’t always as ambitious as the shoes in the performance or lifestyle categories. Running shoes place a premium on functionality, namely, can this shoe provide me with what I need to compete or perform in whatever construct I want.

The HOVR brings that to the table, but both shoes also have an aesthetic presence, especially the Phantom. The shoe has designs on both sides and a boatload of tech, including a knit upper with a 5/8-inch collar height. It should also be noted that both shoes have heel counters. In other words, the good people at UA spent a lot of time and money on R&D in order to bring something worthwhile to the market. Early returns say they’ve got something. The colorways (ivory, black and a very bright red) show off the detail wonderfully and make it obvious that this shoe is designed to be worn in casual settings as well.

With a price point between $110 – $140 (the price variance is due to some of the shoes having connectivity with UAs Connected Fitness digital platform) the shoe is priced appropriately with its competitors. Overall there’s really no reason why this shoe shouldn’t’ win. Under Armour has planned this well, crossed all the Ts and Is and brought a worthwhile shoe to its consumers.

posted on 02/02/2018 by Khalid Salaam
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