Current No. 1 in the world men’s singles player Andy Murray  has been dominating tennis tournaments around the world for years. Since playing at this high caliber, the 30-year-old, two-time Wimbledon champion and two-time Olympic gold medalist, has found that staying in shape is important, but training to keep your body healthy is a priority.


Recovering from a recent hip injury and always conscious of a 2013 back surgery, Murray often opts for training activities that put minimal strain on his muscles and joints.

“I don’t do much running now,” Murray told Men’s Health. “I stopped after the problems with my back.”

Two of the tennis star’s favorite machines to keep him fit and injury-free are the Gyrotonic expansion system and the Versa Climber. Each provide very different workouts, but together, they help Murray maintain his championship-level abilities.

The Gyrotonic expansion system is an apparatus of weights, pulleys and inter-connected ropes that facilitates spiral joint movements to achieve joint flexibility and strength.

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“Before [this interview], I was doing Gyrotonics, which has made a huge difference to my life, actually,” Murray said in the same article. “I still do Pilates, but a lot of it is straight lines, [so] with Gyrotonics there is more twisting and turning, the kind of movements I use in tennis.”

Looking for a more vigorous exercise to compliment the stretching capabilities of the Gyrotonics system, Murray experimented with different cardio and strength training techniques, finally finding the Versa Climber.

A vertical machine with foot pedals and hand grips, the Versa Climber provides a full-body workout by using smooth, fluid motions to engage many muscles in the body.

“Sometimes, you find something that makes a huge, huge difference,” he continued in Men’s Health. “I used to do a lot of running on the track and then came across the Versa Climber. I felt I was getting huge benefits from that without my hips and knees and back taking a pounding. That made a big difference as well, a big aerobic benefit. Also, the work you get on your quads on the Versa Climber is massive.”

With this new exercise approach, Murray hopes to see the final rounds of Wimbledon this year. Even if he comes up short of the title, the veteran can return to his tailored training program, confident in his physical abilities for his next endeavor.

posted on 07/19/2017 by Alyssa Haduck
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