“If I’m not moving forward, it’s been a wasted day.”

But from the looks of it, Golden State Warriors’ Forward Andre Iguodala doesn’t let a single day go by when he’s not progressing. And no, it’s not only about securing another championship.

Recognizing that the average NBA career is five years—though he’s more than doubled that already—Iguodala has set up his second act. He won’t have to move far for it either.

The MVP-caliber player didn’t always feel at home among the nerd royalty of Silicon Valley. What did set him apart was his willingness to learn and to invest, not only money but also time. Instead of just throwing money at startups, Iguodala takes the time to really get to know startup founders and invests in the long term. His focus is paying off, with investments in the Arianna Huffington founded Thrive Global and Twice, an ecommerce site that sold to eBay.

He’s not hoarding the deal flow for himself either, he’s extending his passion for startups with the NBA brotherhood by facilitating in the player’s association’s first tech summit.

Perhaps the most telling part his article in San Francisco Magazine comes when Iguodala shares how he’s paying it forward. Being a veteran on the court means the younger players look up to him. He doesn’t take that for granted. What excites him is the ability to pass on his knowledge, so that other NBA stars can set themselves up for life after basketball too.

Perusing his Instagram, you see how his heart is invested both on the court and in the Valley. For every basketball photo, there’s one of a LinkedIn talk. For every photo worthy of a GQ cover, there’s one of a book cover that he’s sinking his teeth into.

Like fellow NBA legends Magic Johnson and Carmelo Anthony, Iguodala is taking his on court earnings and name recognition and turning it into an empire.

posted on 12/11/2016 by proday
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