“American Ninja Warrior” host Akbar Gbaja-Biamila talks everything from travel to the OJ trial and his favorite “Akbarisms” in the first episode of the Forbes “Well, Technically” podcast, hosted by Proday founder Sarah Kunst. 

The former NFL player sat down and talked about the gender pay gap and transparency in getting paid, his favorite tech products (he’s a fan of FaceTune, btw), and how ageism makes its way into sports and the tech world.

Gbaja-Biamila’s “Akbarisms” exploded on the Internet when super fans started recording his in-the-moment comments on “American Ninja Warrior” on Twitter, but he said that the unscripted phrases are his inner coach and athlete coming out.

“I just try to add color to the commentary by just telling them exactly what’s going on,” Gbaja-Biamila said.

When it comes to getting older in the tech industry, Gbaja-Biamila said that the previous generations can still contribute skills and knowledge that come with age which Millennials might not have.

“The key is diversity … None of us is all the same,” Gbaja-Biamila said. “If you only have a room full of the same Millennials, then I think you’re minimizing the amount of growth you can have.”

Watching FX’s “The People Vs. OJ Simpson” hit close to home for Gbaja-Biamila, who experienced the L.A. riots and the OJ Simpson legal proceedings in 1990s right in his backyard.

“Watching this FX series kind of made me relive everything,” Gbaja-Biamila said. “Literally from my home I could go out on my balcony [during the L.A. riots]…and all around me, 360 degrees, there’s buildings burning.”

The podcast features interviews with founders, celebs and industry makers who talk about the work they’re doing and the technology they love. For more episodes of the podcast, visit the webpage of the podcast here.

posted on 01/19/2017 by Anika Reed
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