When model and runner Candice Huffine finished the 2017 New York City Marathon yesterday, she did it for more than just herself. This clichéd’ storyline of athletes who nobody believed in is well established. It’s familiar sure, but one that will always resonate. For Huffine, who is mostly known as a plus-sized model, it’s even more of a major deal.

Huffine is signed to IMG, which is as big as it gets in the modeling world. Working there is essentially “making it to the league” and her exploits have graced the pages of esteemed publications such as ELLE, Cosmopolitan and Vogue Germany. Her entry into the NYC Marathon happened on a dare, but she’s been running seriously for the last few years. Increasing her time and stamina with each race and each step. Competing in modeling and marathon running conjures up a certain sized person, wispy and angular with a protruding collarbone. Huffine is 5’10 and full-bodied and thus is tagged with the plus-size label. For some that tag is a pejorative, but she wears it with pride.

After running the Boston Marathon earlier this year she set her sights on New York. Running was doable, but finding gear for her body type presented a bit of a challenge. So, she created her own line. DAY/WON sells compression leggings, tank-tops, mesh crops and work out gear in sizes that fit for everyone. For a demo as insular and critical as running, Huffine knew she had to create clothes that brought a style dynamic to the table as well as functionality. At least based off of the early results, she seems to be on to something. No way you can run a 26-plus mile race if the product wasn’t up to snuff.

As far as where she finished in the race, she hasn’t said yet. Doesn’t matter though, the most important part is that she finished.

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posted on 11/06/2017 by Khalid Salaam
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