Golfing apparel has generally existed in two categories — dated or unimaginatively lame.

The sport has never really put out any gear you can wear off of the greens and nothing you would even want to if we’re being honest. The loud-checkered pants, the ill-fitting vests and the clunky shoes just don’t paint a picture of good taste. Golf has always had an insular quality and even with strides of the current generation, has never made a mainstream uptick style wise. Brands have tried of course and once in a while they’ll produce a worthwhile shirt or something, but nothing has ever transcended.

But brands keep trying and sooner or later, one of them will figure it out.

Next up to try? adidas.

Their new golf apparel line is called adicross and it’s a mix of hoodies, joggers, henleys, footwear and oxfords. The collection is nicely designed and assumingly not meant to look like golf apparel. Which seems a bit counterintuitive and yet, makes perfect sense if they’re committed to changing the narrative.


The current number 1 rated golfer in the world (and 2016 US Open champion) Dustin Johnson is the face of the new line and the gear is set up—both aesthetic-wise and in regards to functionality—as clothes you can wear anywhere.

“This is something that I’ll wear when I’m traveling to a tournament, practicing at home, or even headed to the gym,” Johnson says. “It’s just a cool look that I’m really excited about; especially since it’s so versatile being something you can wear on and off the course.”


The line just dropped on December 1st, so it will take a while for the numbers to trickle in, but on first glance, it passes the eyes test. It has a casual feel, free from whatever typical considerations we associate with golf. Frankly, it looks like real clothes that anyone would happily war. Which means adidas is on to yet another win.


For other golf apparel options, try this shirt from Callaway.


posted on 12/12/2017 by Khalid Salaam
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