For a lot of American sports fans, their introduction into “the beautiful game” came via the on-field exploits of David Beckham. Obviously soccer had stars previous to him, but his particulate level of stardom was so bright that it changed the narrative across the Atlantic. Starting with Manchester United in 1992, he was known for his passing abilities and overall feel for the game — making fans even amongst Americans, who then were famous for their lack of interest in the sport.


Beckham was also known for his style, mixing Euro-modernism, old school prep staples and athletic wear. He’s still known for his style and has made moves in that industry far and wide, cashing in on his taste and ability to connect regardless of gender and age. With that kind of marketing cache he’s long been a strong brand operative, and has aligned his brand with several companies in endorsement deals. One of those companies, adidas, has been in the David Beckham business for years. Based of off this latest endeavor, that will continue for quite a while.


Recently adidas released a David Beckham capsule collection, highlighted by the re-release of the Predator Accelerator, his game-playing shoe of choice. Memories of the midfielder’s exploits while wearing these are plentiful and are included into the collection. For example, during his career, he’s worn three different numbers (in addition to Man U he played for Real Madrid, LA Galaxy and for the English National Team) 7, 32 and 23. Those numbers are marked on the heel of each Predator shoe, additionally the typeface used blends together his name and number to create a signature look.

Beckham has had a 20-year plus relationship with adidas and wanted to be involved in the creation of this collection from the ground up. He attended several design meetings and played a role in the colorway options, all to ensure his vision was included. The result is a striking shoe, with options for everyday wear and competition on the field. Though retired since 2013, he’s very much still an icon in the soccer world and this collection will likely resonate with both his old and younger fans.






posted on 11/24/2017 by Khalid Salaam
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