It is no secret that New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge is an absolute physical specimen. Listed at 6’7″ and 282 pounds, Judge is easily the biggest player in baseball, and could even make some players on NFL and NBA rosters look small.

According to MLB Network, there have only been 12 players in history standing at 6’6″ or higher with a minimum of 1,000 plate appearances. Well, Judge, who is only at 760 career plate appearances, looks well on his way to becoming No. 13.

Judge ended his rookie campaign with 52 home runs–breaking slugger Mark McGuire’s record of 49.

Sure, his huge 6’7″ frame came naturally, but you better believe that Judge trained hard to etch his name into the MLB history books.


Judge shared with Men’s Fitness eight workouts he does to enhance his power and explosiveness, such: bench press, tire jumps, sled pushes, barbell back squats, hurdles and sandbag carries.



The most impressive/interesting workouts? Yoga and pilates, andĀ flipping a 600-pound tire! A tire that Judge flips the length of an entire football field, according to David York, the owner, who runs the gym where Judge trains in the offseason. It’s important to remember that there is no true strength without flexibility, which is why Judge puts so much emphasis on his yoga.

“Sometimes, long-limbed players have a hard time. The game is tougher on those guys. Because he’s so athletically gifted, he has such fast-twitch (ability), he doesn’t have to swing hard to hit the ball a long way,” said Judge’s agent Page Odle.

Judge’s Yankees open up the 2017 MLB Postseason tonight, with a Wild Card matchup vs. the Minnesota Twins.


posted on 10/03/2017 by devin tucker
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