From racist owners to oddball players and crazy mascots, there are plenty of spooky characters in sports. Since today is Halloween, we put together a list of the seven spookiest, scariest and creepiest figures in sports.

1: Jerry Jones


Jones earns his way on the list for a couple reasons. First, the pictures you see above were leaked to the media and clearly show Jones posing with two women (who AREN’T his wife) in some…uh…extremely provocative positions. He says that the pictures are with strippers and he was “misrepresented,”…okay.

Jones also publicly spoke out about players kneeling or protesting for injustice and racism during the national anthem, saying they will not play for him. Given that Jones donated $1 million to Trump, his stance on the topic is not surprising in the least.

2: Bob McNair


The Texans owner showed his true colors this past week, or at least they came to light, after stating, “We can’t have inmates running the prison.” Of course, he made these statements in reference to NFL players protesting the national anthem, further proving the notion that NFL players are seen as property and not business partners in this multi-billion dollar sport. In response, the majority of Texans players kneeled for the anthem before their gave vs. Seattle and are publicly disgusted with the owner of the team. This is a good one to keep an eye on…

3. Adam Silver


Aside from his recent snafu with the national anthem (notice a theme here), Silver is a likable guy and progressive commissioner.  But seriously, lets not act like the current NBA Commissioner doesn’t  look like some sort of super villain. He could definitely moonlight in a DC or Marvel flick if funds ever got low.

4. The New Orleans Pelicans Baby Mascot


Man, WTF IS THIS?!?! King Cake Baby has a meaning, it is steeped in Mardi Gras tradition. The big head baby may not freak New Orleans residents out, but sheesh.

5. Dennis Rodman


Everyone knows the tales of Dennis Rodman, from his hardcore play on and off the court, to his tattoos, his INSANE amount (and placement) of piercings, and also, his relationship with Kim Jong-Un. That’s right, the same North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un. He has even flown to North Korea on multiple occasions to visit Jong-Un to talk politics and diplomacy. If that wasn’t bad enough, Rodman is even a friend of Donald Trump and has publicly endorsed him during his presidential campaign in 2016. SMH

6. Gabi Garcia 


Is this badass or scary enough for you? Whatever word you want to use, it doesn’t matter, because she’s a fighter that could take out many people, regardless of gender. Garcia is so ferocious that many women MMA fighters don’t want to challenge her because, well, look at her. Just look at the damage she can cause.

7. Aaron Judge


Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge may look and act like a gentle giant, but that’s exactly what he is, a GIANT. Orioles first baseman Chris Davis (right) is ALL of 6’3″ and 230+ pounds…and Judge makes him look miniscule. At 6’7″ and 282 pounds, Judge is easily the biggest and most intimidating presence in baseball. He strikes fears in opposing pitchers, too, as he smashed 52 home runs this season, a rookie record, and four more in the playoffs. Yeah, he’s pretty scary.

posted on 10/31/2017 by devin tucker
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