While the fashion world and the sports world have never been completely separated, within the last year the crossover between the two has been growing quite rapidly. With the growing popularity of street style, also comes a growing respect for street wear and athletes are adopting the trend more and more for their go to fashion choices.

Turns out that some of sport’s biggest stars don’t only bring their A-game to the court (or field). This list is dedicated to the sports world’s most fashionable pairs, stylish athletes with equally stylish S.O.’s. So here it is in no specific order, the top-five best dressed couples in sports:

Gabby and D. Wade

Dwayne Wade and his actress / model wife, Gabrielle Union were an obvious choice for this list. The couple have quickly been making names for themselves, grabbing the attention of the street style world and even earning themselves spots in the front row during NYFW. This couple doesn’t hold back when it comes to style. They’re unafraid to try out new looks and don’t shy away from going off the beaten path a bit.


The Beckham’s

OK, so this may be an obvious choice, but could this list be seen as remotely valid if this iconic couple wasn’t on the list? Victoria Beckham is herself a major part of the fashion world, the ex-Spice Girl has her own label, which shows each season during London Fashion Week. It’s really no surprise that a girl like her would land with a man like David Beckham. Rugged good looks, plus impeccable style makes this soccer stud her perfect match. Not to mention Beckham’s Kent and Curwen line is pretty fire.


Justin Verlander and Kate Upton 

The Astros pitcher and his model / actress fiancé definitely rank as one of the sports world’s most stylish couples. Whether it’s date night, event night, or a Saturday afternoon, it is seldom that the pair isn’t put together. Here is to hoping that wedding happens sometime soon so the world can get a look the amazing tuxes and dresses that must be involved.


Giselle and Tom Brady

Again, a possibly obvious choice but one that had to be on the list. Giselle Bundchen and football star hubby Tom Brady are pretty well known for their iconic red carpet moments–especially all of  their Met Gala looks. However their off duty style definitely does not get enough credit. Their days off are pretty stylish as well. They’ve earned their place in history as one of sports most fashionable couples, and rightfully so.

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 10.09.05 PM

Ayesha and Steph

Both of the Curry’s are constantly posting date night and couple pics that may conjure up a little bit of jealously, not only over how great they are together, but over how stylish they constantly look. If this photo isn’t proof enough, not sure what what is. Simple. Elegant. Classy. It really is an A+ look.

posted on 09/25/2017 by Julia Dearing
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